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Coordination Centre



The Coordination Centre's (CC) main field of activity covers education, adult education, research and development, advisory service and regional development. CC is involved in different regional and cross border projects focusing on rural development, agricultural/rural advisory and training, ecological agriculture, direct sale of agricultural products and renewable energy.

CC acts as Regional Advisory Centre in the West Hungarian Region, which controls the agricultural advisory activities in the region: yearly trainings and examinations of the advisors of the Hungarian Advisors List; trainings for farmers; other agricultural vocational trainings (dairy quality inspectors’ training, trainings for apiarists, plant protection experts, general higher level trainings for farmers).




The Centre has experience in research, development, innovation and education in the field rural areas:

  • Regional Advisory Centre of the West-Hungarian Region
  • Regional and cross border projects focusing on agricultural and rural extension, rural development, renewable energy,
  • Training and education of advisors and those involved in rural development
  • Group advisory service
  • Demonstration farm project (regional advisory activity and co-operation in practical training with 62 farms
  • Organization of international conferences (rural development, agricultural extension) and study tours
  • Training and postgraduate training in following subjects (MSc and BSc level): Project
  • Management, Methodology of Agricultural Advisory, Agricultural Economy, Resource Management
  • Agricultural and rural development publications
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